Kum Khun Paen

Ayutthaya Province
Kum Khun Paen (คุ้มขุนแผน)
Kum Khun Paen is located near Prasrisanpet Street, across from Wat Praram, and it is near Wat Kes. At one time, this place had a large prison called Talaengkaeng, where Prisoners of big cases were beheaded. Their heads were posted to condemn them publicly. Sometimes, some Prisoners were publicly roasted or flogged. The public executions were aimed to restrain other people from misdeeds. Kum Khun Paen was designed as 5 ancient Thai houses. It was formerly used as the residence of His Royal Higness Khun Marupong, the first chief of the city. The house is called "kum" in the North of Thailand. The location of Kum Khun Paen where the prison had been founded is a metaphor to a hero of Thai litearature. Khun Paen, who was imprisoned. Thus, the house is named Kum Khun Paen. Currently, the Fine Arts Department uses Kum Khun Paen as the museum of Thai houses. Kum Khun Paen has displays of daily utensils of Thai people from the Ayutthaya Era. The displays are for thepublic to learn and recognize Thai architecture, which is almost disappeared from Thailand. It is opened for the public without fees.

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