St. Joseph Church

Ayutthaya Province
St. Joseph Church
Bishop Lanbrade de Lamot, one of the great leaders of the seven missions assigned by the patriarch to establish Christianity overseas, arrived in Ayutthaya in 1662. Actually, he intended to go to China, but came to Ayutthaya instead because his ship was wrecked in a storm. Also, at that time there was strong dispute against Christianity in China. Thus, Bishop Lanbrade de Lamot stayed in the Vietnamese camp. In 1665, Bishop Lanbrade asded King Narai the Great for the Pemission to establish a school in Ayutthaya. Fortunately, the King supported him with land and building materials. The school was later called "St. Joseph Camp." In 1669, a small hospital was built in the camp, and Father Lano was the doctor there. In 1679, Father Lano was appointed the mission leader in Siam by the Patriarch in Rome. The appointment made Ayutthaya become the center of other missions, and it was formally celebrated on March 25th, 1685. After King Narai the Great passed away in 1688, there was great dispute about religions in Ayutthaya. Since then Christianity in Siam had faced many obstacles. When Ayutthaya was conquered in 1767, St. Joseph Church was completely destroyed.

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