Vichayen Hourse or Royal Envoy Reception

Lop Buri Province

Offical resdence for Ambassadors of wichayen house

บ้านหลวงรับราชทูต หรือบ้านวิชาเยนทร์

The official residence for Ambassadors was built in the reign of King Narai the great. Inside the offical residnece is diuided into 3 parts with 3 adjoined doorways

1. Situated in the west direction is the residential hall of that was built to accomodate the Greek Ambassador named constantine falcon working for the government in the reign of King Narai the great. His work bencfited the Kingdom in the rank of treasury council during 1875-1878, his wife's name is Marie De Gemar or known by the local oeple as Toa Thong Keep Ma and the legendry of the Thai sweet recipes

2. The middle part of the official residence is the Christian church

3. Situated in the east direction is the accomodation residence of the ambassadors. During 1875 the French ambassador hamed Chervaria De Chomante come to settle friendship and was accommodated in this official residence.

At the center are a bell tower and Christian Church Laid out in the European style . There are doors and windows in the Thai style. To the east is the two-storey residence of envoys and clergymen with front steps and a half-circle doorway. To the west is the residence of Chao Phraya Vichayen.

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