Pra Prang Sam Yot

Lop Buri Province
Pra Prang Sam Yot
พระปรางค์ สามยอด
Pra Prang Sam Yat is a Buddhist building of the Mahayana sect in the art style of the Lop Buri Period (18th Buddhist century). Built of laterite, the 3 tall stupas are lined with walkways linking them. The Middle stupa the main one. It used to house a Buddha image in the Nak Prok Posture. The northern stupa houses the Phra Photisat Awalokitesuan image, while the southem stupa houses the image of Nang Pratya Paramita. The exterior of all is decorated with bas relief. The doorways originally had a gable but now only the column remains . The door frame is decorated with an image of a hermit sitting with his knees up. The upper part is decorated with jack wood leaves made of sandstone and carved in the shape of a doorkeeper, the god Narai and a 5 - headed Naga (mythical serpent)

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