Wat Phra Si Rattana Maha That

Lop Buri Province
Wat phra Si Rattana Maha That
Wat Phra Si Rattana Maha That was build around the 18th-19th Buddhist century in the Lop Buri period according to th tradition to build a temple to house the holy relics of Lord Buddha in the middle of a major city. The temple has been renovated over the years by a number of Kings. The most important sits here is Pra Prang in its center. It has an extended visage and is decorated with bas relief of Buddha images and the life of Lord Buddha on the gable, as well as designs of human faces and flora. A crooked balcony encircles two leves of the structure. It is believed to be the first Thai-style tall stupa. In front of the main tall stupa is the Wihan Luang (Wihan Kao Hong ), or main chaple. Sala Pluang Khruang is where King changed attire before performing religious ceremonies.

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